Best of 2020

Follow MisplacedStraws – Facebook | Twitter | Insta Although 2020 has been a bust musically, it is worth looking back at some of the highlights, there were definitely more than you think! Live music may have been non-existent since mid-March (my last show was March 11) and there really haven’t been many new bands on the scene this year but … Continue reading Best of 2020

The Best of 2019

It’s that time again, the annual list of the best music of the year.  After a few unmemorable years in rock music, the decade ended on a relatively strong note.  There were a lot of great releases, a few really promising new bands and, of course, some great live music.  Here are some of my … Continue reading The Best of 2019

Rock Hall Class of 2020 Nominees

Earlier today the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees for induction into the class of 2020.  The 16 names on the list represent a mix of bands that have been previously nominated and first timers.  Although there are always bands that should have been on the list, this is a pretty comprehensive … Continue reading Rock Hall Class of 2020 Nominees

Misplaced Straws Best of 2018

Any music site worth its space on the internet is required to have a list of the best records of the year.  So, I present the Misplaced Straws Best of 2018, with a few caveats…First, other than #1 these are in no particular order and Second, I try to stay away from live records, best … Continue reading Misplaced Straws Best of 2018

Misplaced Straws Rock Hall Snubs

We are about a month away from when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame typically releases it’s list of potential nominees.  As a prelude to that  I thought I would present the First Annual list of Misplaced Straws Rock Hall Snubs.  There is no clear criteria for induction which has led to confusion as … Continue reading Misplaced Straws Rock Hall Snubs