Although I’ve spent the last 25 years as an attorney, music has always been my passion. I’ve traveled the country for concerts and music is central in my life. Over the years, I would share my thoughts on music and reviews of records and concerts on social media. Those posts would be shared well beyond my circle of friends. For years I would have family and friends tell me I should start a website where I talk about music, finally, in 2018, I listened and was born.

The name Misplaced Straws was conceived in about a minute. My favorite band since high school is British prog legends Marillion. Of course, my two favorite records from them are the classics Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws. That easily led to as the name of my new venture.

What began as a place for me to share my thoughts quickly evolved. Thanks to simply reaching out and asking, I began to book interviews with musicians, first by email, then phone and video. The site grew quickly and soon became one of the top sites in the field with interviews from not only some of the biggest names in rock but also the artists that have influenced and inspired me throughout my life.

In addition to interviews, you’ll also find the best in concert photography. This allows me to add amazing, exclusive photos to all concert reviews on the site. My concert photos have been used by bands in advertising and on their websites.

Interviews on have been picked up by media outlets around the world, including industry giants like Blabbermouth, Ultimate Classic Rock, Prog Magazine, and many others. My passion for the artists I interview combined with the research skills from my legal background, lead to an in-depth interview that can’t be found anywhere else.