Inside the Cover with Ioannis: Uriah Heep

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For the second episode of Inside the Cover, celebrated cover artist Ioannis talks about his extensive history with Uriah Heep. Uriah Heep is considered, along with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath, as one of the “Original Big Four” British bands that pioneered the hard rock/heavy metal sound of the ’70s. As the band celebrates its 50th anniversary, Ioannis takes a look back at how Uriah Heep influenced him as a kid in Greece right up to his opportunity to work with them for their comeback record Wake The Sleeper.

Ioannis shares stories from his youth when he discovered the classic cover of Uriah Heep’s Demons and Wizards, how he collaborated with the band as he created the logo and cover for Wake The Sleeper, how he continued the aesthetic of that record into the Official Bootleg Series of releases, and much more!

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Wake The Sleeper

Into the Wild


Official Bootleg Series

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