New Music Showcase – Josh Newcom

In this New Music Showcase we spotlight an artist that didn’t just release one new record, Josh Newcom released ten new records over the course of 18 months.  Oh, and each release was a different genre ranging from traditional country to blues to down-tuned heavy rock.  I had the chance to chat with Josh about all of these releases.  Press Play below to hear that chat:
Although each of Josh’s releases is centered on a different genre (to be fair, 2 releases Everybody’s Wrong and Tattooed on my Heart are multi-genre releases) there is a common feel that goes through them all.  That’s probably because Josh has done everything on these records.  Over the course of 105 songs, Josh wrote, produced and with the exception of fiddle and steel guitar, played every instrument on all the songs.
Josh refers to his prolific release schedule as a “Netflix Approach” in that the streaming service tends to just drop content and may not always announce new programming in advance. He isn’t a fan of releasing a single or promoting a record months prior to actually putting it out.  He believes that fans are most excited about a project when they first hear about it, so he wants his record out there immediately to capture that excitement.
The lone departure from this approach was Low End of the Bottom, a heavy rock record.  For this particular release, Josh posted on Facebook that he would write, record and produce a record in seven days.  He posted live updates throughout the process and, at the end of the week, released the record.
Newcom believes that his audience is willing to accept changes in genre and come to expect it.  In the live setting he says that a fan of a band like AC/DC will probably get into a Merle Haggard song as well.  The rawness of both styles is what really bridges the genre gap across all ten releases.  Listening through these releases you do find a commonality in the feel of some of the country and rock releases.  The rock release, Hillbilly Metal and Whiskey Rock N’ Roll, as well as Renegades, Outlaws & Gypsies, a country release both have the feel of bands like Blackberry Smoke or Black Stone Cherry that thrive on that fusion of rock & country.
While he already has another record done and ready to go, Josh is going to take some time and put out some “officially released” versions of these records.  He says these re-releases will begin with The Blues Gonna Getcha on June 29 with some of the country and rock titles following over the next 2-3 months.
If you’re a fan of the raw Southern Rock sound or country in all it’s forms from bluegrass to western check out Josh Newcom.  With ten records to choose from you’re certain to find something you like!
To find out more about Josh Newom and hear his releases, check out his official website.

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